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Pen Wireless CarPlay Adapter ONLY FOR IPHONE

Pen Wireless CarPlay Adapter ONLY FOR IPHONE

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-For iPhone devices only:
- Search compatible car models:

This adapter allows you to use wireless CarPlay on your OEM car stereo.
Most importantly, installation is very easy, USB plug and play in 3 seconds.

1. Wired to wireless CarPlay adapter, say goodbye to cable.
① USB plug & play installation without removing the OEM radio;
② Installation in 3 seconds, so easy;
③ Compatible with more than 600 car models;
④ 5Ghz WiFi module for better wireless performance.

2. Automatic connection to CarPlay when setting up an iPhone.

3. Control similar to the original Apple CarPlay.

4. Online OTA software update. - Type in your device's browser to receive updates, but only after connecting your iPhone to the device.

5. Certified 5Ghz WiFi module for faster and better wireless experience.

This product is only entitled to a refund, not a return, that is, you will only receive a refund if it is lost in transit.

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